7 tips to get more followers on Instagram

increase-instagram-followersToday Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social networks. You can, post photos, videos and stories on Instagram, also it has proven to be one platform Where are many big brands have found success in reaching their audience. It is not a simple thing to increase Instagram followers but if you follow these tips and form a strong strategy you will see the results.¬†You can’t succeed without quality content, but there is a lot more to increasing your Instagram followers than meets the eye. Here are some best tips to help you.

1. Know why you are on Instagram

Even though this sounds really simple, it is the most important thing if you want to increase Instagram followers. Whatever is your name, you need to define your goal and then form a strategy towards achieving that.

2. Quality

You can’t get away with half hearted post on Instagram. If your strategy depends on photos, make sure you take great pictures of whatever you are trying to promote. For example if you want to post a picture of a book you are reviewing with a coffee mug next to it on a wooden table, this will attract more people towards your photo caption and that is a big win. If you are posting videos make sure to edit them properly and AD subtitles for text on the video because videos are muted by default.

3. Detailed captions

We have seen pose with detail how a picture was taken, detailed recipes and cooking methods, and even whole review posted as Instagram captions. This is not something you should do every single time but Every-time the caption at salute to your photo or video, you should add a detailed one.

4. Instagram stories

Instagram stories allow you to jump the news feed queue by default, and they have a prominent float on the discover page, this is enough to make good use of stories. People love sending their tech related queries to us via Instagram stories QnA feature, and you will be able to find a better way to engage with your audience via stories.

5.Engage with others

Instagram is not an One Way Street where you post a comment but never engage with anyone, to increase Instagram followers you should interact with your audience and popular accounts in your field. Simply like the ones 11 to your account or comment on their stories or post.

6. Hashtags

Don’t forget to add hashtags, use three or four popular hashtags relevant to your audience. Target niche hashtags for various communities.

7. Use your Bio to your advantage

If you are hoping to increase your followers, you should update this regularly. The bio is the one place where you can add links, and this means that you should frequently update this to direct people to your website.



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