Intel Core i9, Core i7, core i5 CPU’s without integrated GPU’s appear in European retail listings


Recent rumours says that Intel is planning to launch versions of the 9th generation desktop core i5, core i7, and core i9 CPU’s without integrated graphics. Now in the European retail listings 44 new models with an F suffix have appeared. Intel has been integrating GPU’s into its mainstream desktop CPU’s Atta price levels, believing that customers value the functionality and simplicity. Even though they are not the most powerful, current versions are good enough for normal PC usage and practically all productivity applications, as well as basic gaming. Customers who use discrete graphics card have something to fall back on when needed.

This move of Intel selling CPU’s without any integrated graphics capabilities, aims at high performance segment. Intel has not confirmed them yet, But it is clear that these chips will be identical to their standard counterparts but with the GPU regions disabled. This would allow Intel  to make use of chips that come off its production lines with minor defects in the GPU, but are otherwise perfectly functional.

It is extremely sad that intel would design a new device without the GPU logic. The company is currently dealing with a global CPU supply shortage, causing stocks to dry up and increase in price in many regions of the world.

The listings that have appeared online name 4 models, The core i9 9900 KF, core i7 9700 KF, core i5 9600 KF, core i5 9400 F. There was only rumours that they will also be launching core i3 9350 KF. The listed clock speeds are the same as those of the known as variance of each respective model, and other specifications remain unknown.

The CPU’s without will most likely aimed at gamers and enthusiasts who use discrete graphics card.These chips will benefit in terms of CPU performance  and overclocking headrooms with no integrated GPU to share the same thermal envelope.


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