Google pixelbook review

The Google pixelbook  is not just the best chromebooks out there, but it comes as one of the best 2 in 1 laptop segment. The pixelbook offers a taste of Android, while keeping the features and design of Chrome OS as well. The Google pixelbook is absolutely an expensive Chromebook in the range of$999 to $1649. Google is generously throwing in a pen loop for those in need of a place to store the pen. Also the pixelbook pen cost around $99.


For that premium, you will be also getting 7th generation kaby lake core i5 processors on both the entry level 128 GB option and midrange 256 GB option, and both have 8GB of memory. But the top and 512 GB option comes with the core i7 Processor with 16 GB of memory. Intel’s low power, low heat Y series chip processes are used, which means all of the pixelbook models are fanless.


The pixelbook is clearly the beautiful outcome of years of work on Google part in refining a unified design across its hardware offerings. This is the most well designed and attractive computing product from Google yet.

The brushed aluminium frame, flush adjust and the rubberized palmrest, every design element has achieved style and substance in equal measure. The webcam you specially prepared for an increasingly video focused future with a 720p resolution and 60 frames per second capture rate.

But the audio performance is disappointing. Google has placed the speakers underneath the keyboard coaching awfully tinny sound. Also there is a 3.5 mm audio jack that allows you to use the best headphones with the pixelbook.

The glass trackpad is very cool to use, tracking smoothly and accurately both with single and multi touch gestures. Also that pixelbook keyboard is among the best we have ever tested. And new satisfying thing is the clicking sound the keys make. The pixelbook have a 3:2 display at 235 pixel per inch and accurate colour reproduction.

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