4 new gadgets we should have by 2020

At the end of 2018 it is entertaining to make predictions about the technology that we will be using in the future. But in many cases those predictions are often wrong. Even though it’s pretty likely that current predictions will end up disproved, we are still excited about what the next few years will bring in terms of Technology. If you are curious to know about the future, read on to learn about the seven gadgets that you will likely be able to get your hands on by the year 2020.

upcoming gadgets

1. Wearables or implants to monitor your health

Some health executives predict that gadgets by 2020 will enable real time diagnostics for cancer, immune system and conditions like pre-diabetes. Such gadgets in the form of wearable devices could make Healthcare preventive rather than reactive. Google already had begun developing tiny magnetic particles that could search the body for biomarkers that indicate the presence of cancer and other diseases. This nanoparticles would bind to cells, proteins etc inside our body, and would be counted by a wearable device equipped with a magnet. These particles could be delivered via capsules, and make it easier to detect and predict diseases, even an imminent heart attack.

2. 5G Smartphone and networks

Industry groups and wireless Carriers are already behind the transition to 5G Technology, while the standards for the technology are still years away, it is safe to say that 5G will be faster and less energy intensive than 4G. This will bring better Smart home devices, fastest smartphones and long-lasting wearables. 5G will provide you faster loading apps and websites, lightning speed download etc. We will need 5G network both make virtual reality useful in professional settings and to enable the sensors embedded in everything.

3. Virtual reality headsets

Only a few members among the public have had the opportunity to try out a virtual reality headset. Manufacturers and investors think that virtual headset that will Amaze uses in digital world are going to be the next big thing in entertainment and communication. Mini virtual reality fans say that they haven’t experienced a must have game or app yet.

4. Augmented reality headsets

Like virtual reality headsets, Augmented reality headsets are expected to become an interesting part of our gadget series within the next few years. Augmented reality doesn’t offer a true vision of holograms, but it will be the technology that project characters and environment onto your living room and create immersive virtual worlds that blend with your surroundings.


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